The theme of this suite of medallions is Confession and Mercy, two important components of the Christian faith. They are primarily screen prints on paper juxtaposed with a screen print on another material such as metabolized ABS or felted cloth mounted on paper or blackened wood.
I wish to portray these 2 components separate but yet linked together. One side is colorful, full of life and the other is calm and devoid of drama and peaceful. I've long been interested in this type of overall shape that I typically refer to as a Tracery shape, one that is often found in the architecture of gothic cathedral windows. For me it is a symbol suggesting and pointing to heaven and just the shape of it gathers and directs your visual gaze to the top...heavenward.
The origin of the confession of sins is found in the Levitical laws (see esp. Leviticus 16). On the Day of Atonement, the priest was to confess all of the Israelites’ sins over the head of a goat and then drive it into the wilderness (hence, the “scapegoat”). Later in Leviticus (26:40ff), God promises to remember His covenant with the people if they confess their sins. Further examples which link together confession and forgiveness occur in Psalm 32 and 38.

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