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Full of His Glory

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This might be a long blog post, but I had what I found to be a really interesting…


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ECVA on Line show This Fragile Earth

Three works were selected for an online show with Episcopal Council for the Visual Arts, Curated byKathy Thaden, called This Fragile Earth. The variety of works submitted for the 2018 ECVA Fall Exhibition "This Fragile Earth" is a wonderful reminder of the richness and varied talents of ECVA member artists. It was inspiring for me to look through the entries…


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Undiscovered Women in the Christian Tradition

Cultural bias against women has to a large extent been overcome in the societies of developed nations, however, the tradition and status of women is still unfortunately inferior to men around the world. Jesus strongly promoted the dignity and equality of women yet the early Christians leadership greatly reduced…

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Contemporary Iconography,

Someone came in my studio a while ago and exclaimed, “it is rare for me to see artwork that I want to own. I usually find myself saying…I could do that! I don’t have artwork on my walls because I like looking at clean and empty space. The walls of my house…


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Who Cares for Your Heart? Who Cares for Your Art? The Cultivated Artist Experience

As an artist, I have two really important questions for you . . .

Who cares for your heart? And who cares for your art?…


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WORKSHOP July 15 to 20

Mary Jane Miller is a skilled and generous teacher. The artist who is proficient in oils or acrylics will find the experience of working in the…

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Art and Image on Amazon

Women in the Catholic Church worldwide continue to seek a more meaningful role in the society and the formation of spiritual life. Despite evidence to indicate that Jesus strongly promoted the dignity and equality of women and that early Christians gave leadership roles to women, the influence of prevailing cultural norms has historically caused the role of Women in the Church to be diminished.…


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"Trust" Makes Finalist in ARC Salon Competition

Trust / ARC Salon Competition                                                                                                           Jeremiah 17:7

“Trust”, a 16″X 48″ acrylic painting by CIVA member Sheila Ballantyne, was…


Added by Sheila Ballantyne on March 20, 2018 at 11:51am — 1 Comment

The Beauty of Who I Am

The artists didn’t know what they would be making 3 weeks-worth of art about.

Art for Change, a New Delhi, India, based arts organization with a vision to see art shape society with beauty and truth was running its 5th annual International Artist Residency.  The residency started with a simple…


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The Dialogue, Peace Between Us

“THE DIALOGUE” has been cleaned and dusted,

and shipped to Houston, Texas

We invited anyone to sign  their name on the back as global residents…


Added by mary jane miller on March 10, 2018 at 1:39pm — 1 Comment

Lecture in San Miguel Allende

Mary Jane Miller is fast becoming a voice for exploring new attitudes. Miller has been inspired for the past 25 years by the question, “What, besides spiritual awe, does religion tell us about the our human condition and our desire for the divine? Can we still receive guidance from the a worn out Christ story through interpreting ancient images and text in a new light? The answers she finds led to a new faith and hope for new contemporary images based on that…


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Robert Eustace... CIVA - March 2018 - 'Featured Artist of the Month'

Robert Eustace... I am most pleased to announce that I have been selected as: The March 2018 - CIVA [Artist of the Month].... Please go to: >  then: Featured.Artist_Robert.Eustace  -  to view my personal 'Online Page' and selected images of Art. Thank you kindly!…


Added by Robert P Eustace on March 2, 2018 at 12:30am — 2 Comments

Our new world

Interesting; the micro reflects the macro. Suburbs of most cities are organized for communication and networking. Are we coming to realize its potential inherent in both?... We are all a breath and click away from one another, ENJOY the CHAOS ?…


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Meditation of the day

Reminder and look at this before it changes. We have found a place for "The Dialogue" to be installed for the coming year, Open to the public in the Turkish Muslim Center for Interfaith, Houston Texas .…

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Womens Voices, New book IN LIGHT of WOMEN


Women's Voices and their images have been lacking in Christian theology for 2,000 years. The multitude of…


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Mend the Hole in the Cosmos

Begin a New Year
Magnificent coastlines which have no buildings, and pristine mountain slopes standing naked but for some weathered trees are both visual comfort zones of peace and rest. The fields grow wheat and oats, the sheep and cattle graze on a thick bed of moist green grass. At first…

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Illustrated Advent Storybook Project

The Advent Storybook is a beautifully illustrated children's book with 25 daily readings for the month of December. The book traces, throughout history, God’s recurring promise to send our Rescuer. Families can have an opportunity to connect…


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