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Do Your Part, Stay Apart Devotional Art April-May Giveaway

The forced isolation brought on by the Corona Virus Pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity for an increased reliance upon private devotion. My devotional art…


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Robert Eustace... My work in the exhibit:: 'Fifty Years of Inspiration and Impact : The Photographic Legacy of Klaus Schnitzer and His Students'

Robert Eustace: My Archival Print - 'The Celestial Rose: Circles of Sanctity'... [an archival inkjet print from an original 35mm photograph shot in small increasingly greater increments of light - of a temporal experimental sculpture installation + private ritual - comprised of gathered fabricated and found elements]... Is currently on display in the exhibit: 'Fifty Years of Inspiration and Impact : The Photographic Work and Legacy of Klaus Schnitzer and His Students'... At: The George…


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Iconographer Mary Jane Miller has developed an exquisite and distinctive voice as a Byzantine style writer of icons, adapting the style and…


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Communion Of Love Wallhanging

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Visual Resources Made Available To Support Lent Year A Lectionary

I am pleased to make available the Tree of Life design that I have developed to support congregational use of the Lent Year A Revised Common Lectionary texts.

The Tree of Life has become a recurring image in my art.  Again and again, it calls my name, and again and again, I discover in it new meaning and fresh…


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Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

By Mary Jane Miller

Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

Mary Jane Miller from San Miguel Allende has been working on a new collection of contemporary icons called…


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An Inner Fire

"AN INNER FIRE" Kosmos Quarterly Journal - Fall 2019…


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On Holy Ground

 Mary Jane goes in depth on a journey at Vaughan Park NZ during her Art Scholarship  the past two months. When finished she will share her finished icons from the collection called, On Holy Ground.

The collection of images focuses on our humane relationship to this…


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Mural concept drawing

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Thaden Mosaics

Kathy Thaden's mosaics range from abstract sculpture and landscapes to liturgical wall hangings and commissioned works. She strives to express some of her wonder at creation and the Creator in each piece, connecting her art to her faith.

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VERO BEACH Florida Egg Tempera Painting, Iconography

Description - An opportunity to paint an icon in the traditional technique with a contemporary message.

Feb 24th to 28th, 2020

 Florida Icon Workshop at CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE

The Center for Spiritual Care in Vero Beach, Florida provides the individual and small groups an…


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God is not “A” being but BEi-ng itself.

My experience with the organized Church is a challenge and a testing ground, not always validating and not always encouraging but it has a valued place in my heart. I try to focus mostly on the way it exposes the great divinity in all of us.

Franciscan Mysticism: I Am That Which I Am Seeking.

Icon painting has taught me, God is not “A” being but BEi-ng itself. Icon Painting has influenced how I seek myself in all things and that…


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Old Wine Skins burst with New Wine

When Jesus was walking around the Mediterranean landscape the social conditions were not all that different than today. Societies struggled with changing family and gender roles, sexual controversy, local resistance to unprecedented political power; tyranny and prejudice were rampant. Christianity was a budding cult, unifying varied beliefs and behaviors under one theology of shared love. Christians learned Old Wine Skins burst…


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Voices of Women In Iconography


Egg Tempera Workshop St Peters Episcopal Church, Lewes Delaware

MARCH  2nd to 6th

The town is a lovely harbor to stroll and enjoy time  for a byzantine style icon painting workshop. Lewes is a beautiful and peaceful setting for insights, teaching, studying and meditating. The…


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Jesus Rhythms


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May is the Month of Mary

 Mary Icons

There are three classic prototypes of Mary Icons Icons, their collective messages point towards a new contemporary kind of trinity. Perhaps the concept of Mary is still undeveloped, as our society has changed her message is still provocative and meaningful. It has been through contemplating her image, and painting icons of her that I have…


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Newly Forming Angels' Atelier Retreat seeking partners, resident caretaker, and volunteers!!!!!

                                                       in the spectacular…


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Stations of the Cross by Mary Jane Miller

Stations of the Cross

by author  Mary Jane Miller…


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Women's image and voice in the Church

Traditionally there have been too few images of women in icons, too few Orthodox women iconographers, and too few Catholic women who teach, or are recognized as female mystics. In light of this historical absence of women in the traditional Byzantine era, there is room today for change and new expression. 
Page from the book,…

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