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Calling Large Congregations to establish large collections of Art

Why has the organized Church not made more of an effort to promote art and appreciation of art through the parish and congregation? The value of art in the sanctuary inspires its members to take time to rest and be at peace with images which are visually provocative and soothing. I can imagine a revival in the community where large congregations with huge art collections utilize the work to fit with the…


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Doodle Devo Friday – Jeremiah 32:40 and a Bonus

This week’s Doodle Devo is a page from the Doodle Devotional: Loved. The verse is Jeremiah 32:40. “I will never stop doing good for you.” I thought a spiral would be a great shape to use because theoretically it could go on forever. It is not limited by another line, like when to lines meet to form an…


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It's The Details In Life..


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Looking for the Light, what is it?

Divine light bubbles to the surface with irrepressible joy and vitality when we balance the interior with the exterior. Our eyes sparkle with the sheer joy of being alive, for our self and others.

The awareness of my own body, mind, and spirit leads to the awareness everyone has these…


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Persistence...the Key to Overcoming Defeat, Failure and Discouragement.

Persistence...the key to overcoming. When we meet with continuous obstacles, difficulties, trials and tribulations which this world throws at us it is this key that unlocks our success despite our adversaries.

Jesus taught that the friend who goes to his friend at night when he is already in bed and asks for bread will get it because he asks until he gets it. He gets it not because he is his friend but because he does not let up! Then there is the old woman demanding justice…


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“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
so why don't try a different thing... and be different

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ART PROJECT for Peace and Dialogue, Mary Jane Miller

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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I came across this post on Linked In that quoted Psalms 139:14,15: I praise thee for the awful wonder of my birth; thy work is wonderful. For thou didst form my being, didst weave me in my mother's womb. (James Moffatt Translation)

I thought for the new year what an image to hold onto!! God didn't make us with any intentions of being a failure, or a work that is low and unworthy, even though those thoughts creep into our minds so often, they are lies…


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Snow Storm in Elmira, New York. Living in the woods up a big hill!

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