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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

What makes someone grateful?  Why…


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Wet on Wet Painting

I love paint!  Loads of thick, rich, bright colorful paint.  In some ways I wish I could eat it since many times the colors and textures look good enough to eat!

The impressionists became the masters of using thick creamy oodles of fat oil paint smeared on the paint surface creating new textures and feelings that cannot happen with paint that is applied very flatly.  This is why the impressionists always appealed to me and they inspired me to paint in a similar manner. 



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My Painting Process Explained

The Painting Process

The intensity and passion within me has always sought release and expression in a creative way.  This process has been refined through the years as I have tried many mediums to experience that ultimate creative release, not just through art. I used to picture…


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Going out on a Limb with Goliath

Discover Meditation is a Small Method

When I rush to my studio to paint, I am often reminded of the story of David and Goliath. You know the one where David, a young man, armed with a small slingshot defeats the cruel, giant…


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Three/in/One Exhibition Images

Link to the series of images I have on display at the inaugural Saddleback GalleryExhibition - Three/In/One. I am one of three artist in this themed exhibition.

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Hello, my name is Julian Raven...Introduction

Hello, I am sharing my story below from my website.  It is tailored to the unbeliever so it is discreet about my faith.  It does not cover my conversion to Christ, when I was born again.  I will share that another day.  It is a decent portrait as an artist.

God bless you!

My Art Story

Since I can remember, art was always a part of my life.  The gift has come down to me from my grandfather on my…


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No more Warriors of Distruction , In this age we no longer dress with glamor for war. We do not spend hours designing an outfit special for our defense. And we do not receive angel wings or halos for the behavior. Battles in ancient times were often blessed by an icon sitting on a hillside to protect and defend. I did this series in reverence for the past warriors and prayers we might learn something.

 How could they have looked so beautiful…


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