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Tips For Growing Vegetables In Kitchen Area Garden

We are blessed in Southern Arizona with a very mild climate, as well as giving me guilt nowadays as I track the awful weather that is hammering the northern part of us states this month. But even up there, and all within the nation, we have enough of an import-export food industry that him and i can get many foods all year long.

Really are millions solely a pair of us personal home currently, however we possess a tendency to still have to have to form that food greenback length. We…


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Hope In God Will Transform Our Lives | Body-Mind-Soul

HOPE - Never Give Up!


By Renee Dumont   Artist/Author/Health Coach


I realize that some of you have been struggling with food or…


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Video of the Installation called The Dialogue, By Mary Jane Miller

The concept is simple, we can live with the diversity of faith all the while knowing one day we will come to realize we are of the same  mind, one of love, Make this year  inclusive with less criticism and more understanding . We are 8 billion people trying to get along, the room for error is enormous and the room for love is divine.…


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FLORIDA; Workshop in Egg Tempera

The Art center is an amazing facility and one worth exploring. The reasons to take  workshop are many.

Taught as a meditation in a prayerful atmosphere, this retreat/workshop will lead participants to enter the world of painting an icon, while observing the mind as a window to the Divine.

This Art Workshop…


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The Glory of Defeat in Abstract Expressionism

Modern painting reached its highest point with Jackson Pollock. Maybe Marc Rothko if you would prefer. Anyway, the American Abstract Expressionist Painters of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s brought the modernist project to its logical conclusion.


What was that project? And what was the motivation for it? Well there are generally two answers. The first is found in the writings of Clement Greenberg. He argued that each art form should work within the essential vales of its…


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Advent, Prayer and Contemplation

The focus on Advent first and follow into the Christmas season. What  does it mean to come into the world, and the spiritual life which is activated as a result? Centering prayer, contemplative prayer and the prayer of quiet are helpful ways to explore your interior,  in an effort to open ourselves to listening to God and remembering whose we are.…


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Dear Fellow Iconographers:

“Advent asks us to keep vigil for the Christ who comes to us anew in this season. It invites us to keep our face turned toward the horizon in hope. But Advent asks us also to open our hearts to the Christ who keeps vigil for us, the Christ who stands not on some distant horizon but, instead, is already with us, waiting for us to open our eyes to his presence that stays with us always.

As Advent begins, may you be blessed in your vigil: the one you…


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