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What is it that we seek?

What is it that we shop for this 2nd week of Advent?

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My first video premiered two days ago at the Oyster Point hotel in Red Bank, NJ.  A women distressed in an alley encounters the Light.  Inspired by John 8:12.

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Sun Ra.... excerpt: 'A Recipe(less) Recipe'....

Sun Ra.... excerpt: 'A Recipe(less) Recipe'....

In my recent research into the fascinating life, music and self-fabricated 'mythology' that remains the legacy left to us of the famous Jazz-Big Band Keyboardist/ Leader Sun Ra (b. 1914 - d. 1993), I came across and wish to present here the following literary account. It takes place during the early 1960's, in downtown New York City, @ the Original, 'Sun Ra Arkestra' Headquarters, called: 'THE SUN PALACE'. This large house/…


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A Quote by Kasimir Malevich.... (A Central Truth On: 'The Spiritual In Art')....

"Empty space is a place where man wishes to find asylum

and save himself from things and instruments....

In this empty space he wishes to stand outside views, images

and conceptions, outside struggle and existence

which has shattered into little pieces like ice that hinders his movements,

pushing him in different directions....

He seeks spaciousness....

he will find a location that is without path"....…

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By Robert Eustace - Avant Sacred Artist

THE DURUTTI COLUMN, Manchester, UK, 1978 -to- present 

'Post-Punk' and 'beyond… Continue

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Some Passing Thoughts On the Ideas of Nature and the Real

Robert Eustace - Avant Sacred Artist

It has become ever increasingly clear in our day that 'Nature' has become less and less that mysterious nurturing or animating force that emerged with the birth of the universe and more something that we are re-creating ourselves. We are living in the artificial construct of our own making - a world that revolves around endless simulation, the constant barrage of…


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"On Materials"....

From time to time....

Someone will inevitably ask me....

"What is your art medium" ? -or-

"What kind of materials do you use" ?

I will then sort of scratch my head....

Pause ever so briefly....

Then say matter-of-factly:

"Whatever I can get MY HANDS ON" !!!!

Usually in the choice(s) of 'Which Materials' ?

Of course much slow careful (agonizing) deliberation and endless pondering

Proceeds any sort of final decision making....

Through a series…


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"Your Personal Energy and Focus".... an excerpt from Michael St.Clair

* (page 53) *   "I do all my work using an intense focus, and I do not allow my energy and focus to be dragged into the devolving human world. Each one of us similarly has a light of focus; but the world steals the light of most people and uses - or misuses - it for its own ends.


I say "steal", but the problem is that people take part in the loss of their own energy, because they like the circus game and the distractions. The entry price into the human game is energy or…


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A Quote by MORRIS BERMAN....

"The Re-enchantment of the world":

The sickness of contemporary life,

pervaded with heavy drug use and alcoholism,

stems from the futile attempt of scientific culture

to eradicate holistic perception.

But holistic cognition is a primary ecological

perception of nature rooted in biological substrate,

and present before the ego ever rises".

-another short quote-

"Commodification of knowledge necessarily means

a loss of nuance, and we see…


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"Expressions of Faith"

Martha Chatelain was one of the artists who gave an artist's talk to students at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon prior to the opening reception of the national juried exhibition, "Expressions of Faith" curated by Tim Timmerman.  The show runs from Nov. 10 - Dec. 8.

  Here is her slide show and accompanying text:…


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PV airport to lodging....2 hour walk....

I walked.

and walked.

and walked.…


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hands and feet

Jesus promises that when we step out to be the hands and feet, he will go with us.


I am stepping.

I leave in a few rapidly-approaching hours for a short trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Not the PV Americans visit on summer vacation trips with family.

Not PV of beaches and surf and sand.

I leave for PV of poverty~

of native villages and groups of women waking each day, the…


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tired of chaff

tired of chaff

What have you done lately that made you stretch?

That took you outside of your comfort zone?

There've been big things for me:

Giving birth: Creating a slew of new bodies to inhabit this earth and become the next generation~

Starting EncaustiKits: Opening myself up to the work of this, the unknown of this, the blessing…

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I revised my website; finally:


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...another blog post! ...peacelovejoyLaima

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Latch on

Latch onto my paintbrush. Come along. It is that good. You are wanted that much.

I was listening to some morning inspiration a few days ago and the speaker told of a story she and her husband…


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Faye's Latest Blog - Experiencing a New Art Exhibit

I Have a Dream...

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The first time!

This is the first time all of my original art has left the house at once! It is on display at the Southdown Plantation in Houma, Louisiana. This has been the perfect place to start for me because they are so easy to work with and the mistakes are learning experiences instead of disasters It is also a great blessing to be working to answered prayer. The art world is a place to go in steps for me. It will be interesting to see when and where the next step will be!  JeffDuke

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Lambertian Wooden Photographs, Exhibition through December 31 in Chicago

Press Release:

Greg Halvorsen Schreck employs technological advances in the production of his Lambertian portrait photographs.  A Lambertian photograph is a image that consists entirely of light and shadow.  96 pieces of wood replace pigments, inks and emulsion to construct the photograph.  In the daylight, the wood pieces appear as a carved sculpture; however, a single light source raking across the surface magically reveals a black and white photograph.…


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A Life Worth Looking At

This is Steve. He lives in La Mirada next to Mike's Burgers on Imperial Hwy. There is a vacant field adjacent to the restaurant's parking lot and at the far end of that field is a long, cinder block wall lined with overgrown shrubs and trees. At the right end of this overgrown wall sits a large storage container-- behind and around this spot is where Steve Flath has been living for the past couple years.…


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