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Linus Gallery Exhibition


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Rebecca Stahr Artist Press Kit

Link to Press Kit


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Indonesia merupakan kawasan yang luas dan dengan penduduk yang begitu banyak. Ruang untuk mengembangkan peradaban menuju titik yang lebih manusia masih terbuka. Termasuk di dalamnya, tentu, adalah bagaimana memperkenalkan Kristus dengan segenap kuasa yang diembanNya.Di antara sekian banyak media yang ada, lukisan memiliki potensi yang sama baiknya dengan arsitektur dan musik. Secara historis Indonesia memiliki pengalaman yang panjang tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan senirupa dan…


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Dalam sejarah panjang peradaban yang berkembang di wilayah yang kemudian menyebut dirinya Indonesia sekarang ini, kekristenan merupakan bagian yang relatif masih muda. walaupun beberapa data menyebutkan bahwa kekristenan sudah nampak di beberapa tempat sebelum abad ke-10, namun secara umum orang bersepakat bahwa kekristenan masuk dan berkembang di Nusantara sekitar abad ke-15.

Karena usianya yang relatif muda, maka produk kebudayaan yang dihasilkannya pun belum banyak. Umumnya…


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"Women in Icons: Emerging Voices"

St Paul's Anglican Church on Calazada de Cardo #6 will present a rare opportunity to spend time with Mary Jane Miller, a full time resident of San Miguel who has 20 years experience creating classic iconography. She will casually discuss the ancient technique of egg…


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Gathering Wonder

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Week 1 2/07/2016 Title of drawing: "The Story" (Psalm 19 and Hebrews 1)

Artist thoughts:

Here is my humble attempt to portray the Trinity as "The Author of Creation". Three halos are present: one on the Father's arm, one behind the head of the Son, and one on the top of the pen representing the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Jesus wears a wedding band foreshadowing his role as groom to the church, the "bride of Christ". The open box represents the open system of Christian theism illustrating God moving outside and inside of time and space versus the…


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Robert Eustace... Artslant - Online Feature: 'Under the Radar'

Beginning on Friday, July 1st, 2016 and posted almost indefinitely beyond this date, Robert Eustace was featured in an 'Online' Special Profile: 'Under the Radar' along with (2) other Artists - to have their Artworks published on the worldwide Artists website: Artslant... 

The title of this feature: 'Artslant - Under the Radar : Sarp Kerem Yavuz,…


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Playing in the Dirt

The foundation of traditional iconography is experiencing resurgence as it grows and expands to include wider visual theological ideas through the efforts of new iconographers like myself. Clearly one reason icons are important to humanity is housed in their ability to strike at the heart and not at the…

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Will Old Wine skins filled with New Wine burst?

When Jesus was walking around the Mediterranean landscape the social conditions were not all that different than today. Societies struggled with changing family and gender roles, sexual controversy, local resistance to unprecedented political power; tyranny and prejudice were rampant. Christianity was a budding cult, unifying varied beliefs and behaviors under one theology of shared love. I am talking about 100 to 400 AD, before the church became…


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Colours of Hope

My name is Froyle Neideck, I am a professional visual artist and I have been painting and exhibiting for the past twenty years, in-between raising my family and pursing life. I want to tell you a story about hope, colour and great possibilities.

Last year my cousin Evana went through the horrific ordeal of breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and all the treatment that aligns with this procedure. My mum, Helen, decided to head over to Perth, Western Australia, to help Evana’s…


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The Holy of Holy's; Renovation

Valentin my dear husband called to me to come down and see what he found tucked in to the side of the mountain. It was a small little church, or shall I say, what was left of it. It had only two walls standing and no roof but there in front of me was a faded holy of holies exposed to Gods abundant air and sky. The holy of holies is the place the…


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Luke's Joy

Luke’s Joy


  I was inspired by an eight year old boy named Luke. I was about to take his First Communion portrait when he    offered an idea for a pose. When I asked him why? He exclaimed, “this is how I’m going to be for my ordination.” He  went on to show me where he saw the Greek letters for Jesus in one of my prints. He also saw butterflies, fireflies and  other things, not out of the ordinary for a boy of his age to see. I woke up the next morning…


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While painting I was praying for my cousin Heather’s healing, the success of her surgery and for her family with each brush stroke.  All I saw after I finished praying and painting was how different the colors were from my photograph I was painting from.  Since that day in March of 2010,…


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Kinston CCA 35th National Exhibit

I submitted 3 of my current paintings to the 35th National Exhibit at the Kinston NC Community Arts Center.  Valley Hay Field was accepted! My good friend, teacher, and mentor, Robert Way, also submitted 3 works, they were all accepted and one of the paintings won a merit award! Way to go Bob!…


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Icon Painting Workshops, Ossining, NY or Lewis, Delaware

Modern Iconography 

April 10 to 15 2016  …


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New website:

Hi everyone, 

I just launched a new blog on Sunday, called Art & Theology ( Its purpose is to highlight the church’s rich heritage in the visual, literary, and musical arts, including present-day artistic treatments of religious themes. (The primary emphasis is on visual art.) It is meant to educate (in art history, how to read works of art, and the value of art in worship), promote contemporary…


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The Lost at Sea

Finished up this digital render in photoshop the other day... took me almost three months to get thru the render part of it..  just allot of errors on the rendercows which is normally not a problem.   This particular image has 386 billion polygons...  which I know is an absurd amount...  and creates problems...  but my suffering makes it better... that's what I'm telling myself anyways...    cant wait to get it framed..  ...peace…


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Icon Painting Workshops, Ossining, NY or Lewis, Delaware

Modern Iconography  …Icon Painting in The Light


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POPism. The postscript.

As postscripts go it isn't long; it comes in at just one and a half pages.


It tells of Andrea Feldman who left notes saying she was “heading for the Big Time”. To do this she jumped out of a fourteenth floor window clutching a Bible and a crucifix. Andrea was just one of the kids that Andy says were so special to him and his circle of friends. Her suicide is described just after Edie Sedgwick’s death, which was put down to ‘acute barbital intoxication’.




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