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Bible Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand pixels. Everyone loves images. In email, images spice up the sender's message. On websites, graphics give splashes of color. And from our phones, we capture photos and enjoy sharing them with our friends. Pics are cool.

Using images to communicate important messages is commonplace. So it's no wonder we see images in Scripture. The Bible is full of pics.

One powerful image is when Jesus washed His disciples' feet. Dirty, grimy, and smelly feet.… Continue

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The Bible and Our Luggage

Everyone carries luggage. Those memories of past mistakes we carry around. Those hurts we endured for years. Weaknesses we can't seem to fix but others are quick to point out. Everyone has luggage.

Instead of letting others help, we close our lives. We carry our burdens alone. Quietly. Afraid to let others inside. We wince at letting them see the real us, luggage and all.

As time passes, we grow used to our luggage. We find sophisticated ways to hide it or laugh it off.… Continue

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The Greatest Love Story

You and I love love. We need it. Crave it. Offer it to our families. And hope to receive it.

We all admire stories demonstrating true love. The kind that is real. Sacrificially given despite difficulty or even tragedy.

One ancient love story is found in the biblical book of Ruth. Having lost her husband, Ruth decided to leave her country Moab and follow her mother-in-law Naomi to Bethlehem. They arrived during the barley harvest, which was ripe for love.

Ruth… Continue

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Scripture Sings Grace

Grace is amazing. Always has been. Always will.

So what is grace? And if it could be heard, what would it sound like? What is this melody we call grace?

No other voice better represents grace than Jesus's. While hanging on a cross, Jesus responded to one thief's request. The thief humbly asked Jesus to remember him in His Kingdom.

Instead of critiquing this criminal, Jesus sang grace into this man's soul. Let's hear what He told this thief.


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Biblical Priorities

Setting priorities is crucial. Leaders schedule them in the workplace. Parents teach their kiddos which ones prove worthwhile. And Scripture teaches us about those we should value.

Everyone practices prioritization. We prioritize where our resources go. We prioritize how we will spend our time, money, and devotion. How we prioritize our lives reflects how we view God.

Do we respect Him? Do we rely on His guidance? Do we love Him? Is He a priority in our… Continue

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3 Stages of Sanctification

What are the spiritual growth stages to glorification?

Just as there are growth stages in gardening, our spiritual journey follows in a similar vein. We don't just start out as fully mature persons. There are stages to our spiritual growth.

When Adam disobeyed in the garden, he ushered in the problem of sin into our world. Remember sin is any disposition (Ex 20) or act contrary to God (Rom 3:23). And Satan is the origin of evil (Gen 3). So Adam's sin generated a big… Continue

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Created In God's Image

What is the biblical view of the human body?

Ours is a culture of image. We hear "Image is everything." So we spend our time and money to keep up our appearances.

But beneath the surface, we often find our life messy and dirty. Past mistakes linger after years of hiding them from others. But we press on by revealing only our best image to others.

Despite our baggage, the Bible says we are special. No matter our past failures, we are unique and valued. We…


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Comforting Our Friends

How can we console others experiencing difficulty?

Ever wonder why painful experiences happen to us? Why do we have to sift through the aftermath of trials? Can anything good come out of our terrible situations?

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 1:4 that God “comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” This means God comforts us during difficulty so that we can be a source of comfort for others who… Continue

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What's the Big Deal About the Bible?

 Here's my latest post about the importance of Scripture. I hope you enjoy this post: 

Bible Fun Toolbox Tips: What's the Big Deal

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