Women in the Catholic Church worldwide continue to seek a more meaningful role in the society and the formation of spiritual life. Despite evidence to indicate that Jesus strongly promoted the dignity and equality of women and that early Christians gave leadership roles to women, the influence of prevailing cultural norms has historically caused the role of Women in the Church to be diminished. Today when cultural bias against women has been overcome in many parts of some societies throughout developed nations, the Catholic Church maintains a male dominated culture preaching, teaching, ordination and, decision making within the church remains the task of largely a male dominated environment.

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Byzantine style Icons are traditional images commemorating saints and for a long time have represented many of the main line theological ideas within the Christian faith. The mystery they portray provokes the viewer through symbolic language in image and color. Yet where are the Women?

The collection of original Byzantine style icons represented IN LIGHT OF WOMEN are meant to intrigue the viewer and his or her understanding of contemporary icons as well as what they aim to portray.

I welcome your questions and conclusions after reading about the collection of beautiful images found in In Light of Women. Art and Religion, Spirituality and Debate help us all to see our world better. BUY a copy on AMAZON.

This is a perfect book for forming a women's discussion group

and study platform.

Ask about a bulk rate from me.

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