Remember this attempt at peace making? creating Art for peace and then looking for a location.  


“Sacrilege” ; a violation, desecration, or theft of something considered holy or sacred. It is the disrespectful or irreverent treatment of something other people consider valuable and useful. Inter-Religion Dialogue will flourish when we begin to embrace in others what we want for our self. 

Web Site   ART for PEACE

The idea of the commonality has always existed in the minds of great philosophers, thinkers and teachers. We need to find a like minded benefactor, business, thinker and doer to use the Art for Peace Installation as if it were their calling card. We need to find a suitable location for the DialogueArt Installation offering the image and concept to a new generation; one that believes humanity live in a prosperous and harmonious society and culture.

The targeted audiences for the Art for Peace Installation are those who are digitally cognitive but also looking for spiritual solutions. The X, Y and Millennial generations that consistently look for contemporary solutions between what is real and what is spiritual.

 Art for Peace Installation  

The Art for Peace Installation


The project suggests we refocus our commonalities between religion, culture, and society around the world on every continent. The younger generations already have strong and well defined pathways towards understanding what is required for a more peaceful society and The Dialogue serves as a visual tool to provoke and advance the already established interfaith dialogue and ecumenical mindset.

The Dialogue offers the viewer a chance to reflect on the value of each religious philosophy and absorb the advantages of each, focusing on the sacred and divine without the confinements of doctrine, or offense and prejudice.

We Need peaceful solutions, not an aggressive struggle between faiths. Organized religions have failed to teach people inclusiveness and commonality; which are significant characteristics of our species. The Dialogue offers a Visual History through art; a place where there is no controversy, no argumentative power, no struggle to be the ONE TRUE religion. The Dialogue is a visual ballad to the beauty of human effort to seek TRUTH. It potentially can restore our faith, even for a moment pointing to the way it is meant to be. It is a subtle visual communication that places the varying beliefs together without ownership. If the great thinkers of the world can sit together in harmony, can we all not follow their example living as one; a family of friends, neighbors, nations and beyond


Peace installation 2014


I would utilize the initial funds to hire an assistant to take over the promotion. We need to find that special combination of people to launch this installation into the world, to find that benefactor, foundation or institution. As an artist, Mary Jane Miller cannot approach a benefactor and say “ I am an artist and I have a project” what I need is someone to introduce, network, promote, package and distribute information to a wider audience. I am offering the Art for Peace Installation as a well designed finished product, transportable, with only a limited agenda as to how it is presented.

80,000 USD is the cost for the Art for Peace Installation to be purchased by the final benefactor, foundation or institution, this includes all the rights and materials, web sites, movie, photos and connections. The sum could be received in payments over 5 years, no interest.

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