Lent is upon us

Contemplate the Stations of the Cross

  “Jesus Suffered and Died for ME”.  Have you ever thought it a little narcissistic thinking He died for Me and end the meditation there? The whole idea someone would die for you is out of style these days, we are living in a; me, mine, “my power” world. It takes some real thinking to get the idea someone would voluntarily give up all they love and enjoy for anyone! I will say, we make many valiant attempts.


Instead of thinking it is a story of cruelty look at it as an icon painting for instruction. Christ showed us How to suffer well without judging who made the suffering.  The idea is surrender your whole being to what seems unfair and accept the outcome with love and forgiveness.  Ask yourself who gave us life in the first place?  We  demand we get a free safe ride or  we protect ourselves at the expense to others.  To Contemplate the Stations of the Cross is to look at both sides of the event, in all its horror and pointless injury.

We say: we suffer and endure but how? We say: we have made others suffer for our benefit but why?

The Stations of the Cross and the thoughts which accompany the journey potentially opens our hearts to the poor and suffering in the world today. We participate in this story as victim and victimizer, as the Christ and the witness to Christ. The meditations take you on a journey where you can be many people, bouncing from side to side as the story unfolds. You are the crucified, the forgotten unjustly punished  or you are the one who doles out the hatred or the one who stands by and allows it to happen to others.


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