Three works were selected for an online show with Episcopal Council for the Visual Arts, Curated byKathy Thaden, called This Fragile Earth. The variety of works submitted for the 2018 ECVA Fall Exhibition "This Fragile Earth" is a wonderful reminder of the richness and varied talents of ECVA member artists. It was inspiring for me to look through the entries and I pray that as you view the exhibition, you too, will be equally inspired. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all who submitted works for consideration, for the gifts of creativity and spirituality that bless each of us. I invite you to share in this exhibit, savoring each artist’s insights to the theme, "This Fragile Earth."

The selected works reflect a diversity of media and applications. Regardless of the style, colors, materials, or vision, through these images we recognize the beauty of God's creation all around us, the impact humanity's choices have globally, as well as our part in protecting that gift for those who come after us.

Mary Jane Miller's "Journey to Know Where"reflects on finding her place in the world and knowing that how we live is reflected in our relationship to the earth. The image that signifies both a beginning or end to our part in taking care of all God has given us – this fragile earth our island home.

Artist Statement: Our world is a sacred place of abundance, given to us as a free gift. We can experience all the physical laws which have been put in balance to sustain it. Let us not think we are birds when we are humans and let us not behave as animals when we are capable of rejoicing in what is spiritually inexplicable.How can such magnificent live in continual balance?

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