Formation Matters Exhibit at Creighton University

This spring I have had the opportunity to curate an exhibition for the College Theology Society and their annual meetings held this year at Creighton University. The exhibit intends to enter as another voice into the conference conversations. Building from the conference theme of Teaching Theology and Handing on the Faith: Challenges and Convergences, the exhibition highlights the work of several contemporary artists also wrestling with similar ideas of memory, tradition, and formation. The artist embody a variety of conceptual trajectories that both draw upon tradition and memory, as well as question it and its limits. As an exhibit, “Formation Matters” is rooted in the belief that the visual arts can be remarkable catalysts within these conversations as well as profound symbols and mediations of the Divine. While the church has historically drawn upon the devotional and didactic potential of art, the engagement and contemplation of contemporary art allows divergent points of affirmation and provocation of its traditions.

Click here to see the work.

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