Illustrated Advent Storybook Project

The Advent Storybook is a beautifully illustrated children's book with 25 daily readings for the month of December. The book traces, throughout history, God’s recurring promise to send our Rescuer. Families can have an opportunity to connect each day and reflect on what matters most during the Christmas season. I am currently working with the author, Laura Richie, as the illustrator for the book.

The book starts at creation and journeys through the Old Testament until the coming of Christ. Each daily reading seeks to put the Bible events in context, pointing to Jesus as the promised rescuer and why we needed him to come. One of the things that attracted me to the project was how it promotes understanding of the whole Bible, not only the events immediately surrounding the Nativity.

The goal is to have the book finished and available by November 2018. But first, the author is running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to make it all possible.

We'd love to have your help to bring this project to life. You can support the project by pre-ordering the book on Kickstarter between now and January 3, or by simply sharing the page with someone who might be interested.

Check out The Advent Storybook on Kickstarter for more info.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or know of an outlet to share this book with a relevant audience.

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