Reminder and look at this before it changes. We have found a place for "The Dialogue" to be installed for the coming year, Open to the public in the Turkish Muslim Center for Interfaith, Houston Texas .

 The destination for the installation will now be in  the Interfaith Dialogue Institute in Houston. The group is run by the Raindrop Turkish Center. If you do not get the message from the name this organization is founded and administrated by a large Turkish/Muslim community settled in the USA. They are a delightful group of “immigrants”, many of whom have fled from their own country. They have a new vision for a peace garden, it began construction and was halted by lack of funds. One day it will begin construction again and be completed, we need these kinds of gardens in every city around the world.  As I know like many of us, sometimes we must wait.

Fatih Ozcan is the founder and coordinator, when I met him I was immediately taken by his smile and obvious comfort in who he is and what he believes, I think he is a warrior like myself, he does not shy from stepping into the arena of controversy, NOT for the purpose of knocking down but rather to build, to listen, to learn and to understand. He and I both believe humanity can have peace.  Now we begin one heart at a time.

Connections are interesting these days in case you have not noticed. In my case it was one client by the name of Kathlynn Curtis who crossed herself before a meal in blessing. The architect beside her noticed and inquired about her faith. She informed him she was looking for support about placing the art Installation called The Dialogue, made in Mexico but her desire was to move it to Houston. He himself is Muslim and said he knew  Fatih Ozcan, well schooled in religions and spiritual debate, a scholar of Islam studies and always willing to listen to new ideas. With that she contacted him and then me and now we are all looking forward to new beginnings, new events and new insights.


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