"My current work in art is an ongoing extended series called 'AENIGMATE' : Ikonic Mixed-Media/ Altarpiece Constructions. Emerging from this is a related branch of forthcoming works called 'TREE OF SOULS', (Drawings and Constructions) which I began to release in 2011. This body of collected images, likened to illuminated manuscript pages, reliquaries and ikons, stem from my interest in medieval, conceptual and narrative modes of expression. Various themes arise from my studies in art history, philosophy, alchemy, mysticism and the Bible, such as: the life of Mary - mother and child/ Christ's passion/ the apocalyptic collapse of existing structures/ the window as portal to mystery and grace/ sacred symmetry and space - ancient church floor plans. diagrams, labyrinths, gardens/ and the park as model or recurring echo of the paradise garden.

I am interested in the commingling and transformation of materials into seamless and convincing visual worlds or realities. These ikonic works inevitably will take on the character of centuries old ancient ritual objects, that were long buried in the ground and have now once more seen the light of day through careful archaeological excavation. These works also seem to be imbued with 'the patina of time', ie. due to the mildly corrosive chemical action of centuries of candle wax and soot as well as the collected oils from the human touch of pilgrim souls seeking to transfer and receive a blessing. These elements have long acted to obscure and dull the original clarity and brilliance of the pictorial details and finish. Yet, something far richer remains in its place.

Conversely, these works have also been likened to the modern highway billboard and the long term effects of constant friction and wear caused by the natural elements of sun, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, moisture, dryness... thus, breaking through the latest generation of surface information, while revealing previous underlying, now distorted layers. 

The series title 'AENIGMATE' means : At the present time being earthbound and limited in finitude, to see and ascertain only the dimmest of shadows of what truly is and what is to come; like looking through a dark glass. I seek to convey something of the 'mysterium tremendum' - or a visual approximation of the experience of awe, divine mystery and terrible beauty".


Copyright 2012 -  Robert P. Eustace

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Comment by Bruce Herman on October 27, 2012 at 6:17pm
Bob-- I think of you often...and love your work. We so enjoy the piece in our home and the powerful piece we acquired for Gordon College. You are a wonderful artist with a rich and mysterious sense of the numinous. May God continually refresh you dear brother -- and meet your needs. Keep in touch my friend.
Pax Vobiscum,
Comment by Tatiana Nikolova-Houston on May 7, 2012 at 6:18pm

Wow! Robert, we are doing and thinking alike. I am so amazed. Three of Souls. Sounds so intriguing. Illuminated manuscripts are such an inspiration. Thank you for your hand of friendship.  

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