Hi.  I don't know if this is where to ask questions, but I wondered if anyone could give some experiences about having a reception.  I can have one on an evening during a month-long exhibit at a public library. Here are things I am considering: I don't have a mailing list yet; it is not near where I live; it is a great space for an exhibit.  When I exhibited in another Library on the South Shore with several other artists and had a reception, there were only several visitors.  Is it a good idea to have one anyway, even when I don't know if anyone would come?

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Comment by Len Cicio on July 16, 2013 at 2:39pm

Hi Linda,

I'm actually working on an exhibition at a public library in NYC.  There will be 3 of us and we will invite friends, fellow workers and people that we know and also post on facebook.  Make sure you have about a month to get the word out and it really is about you getting the word out plus the other people involved in the group exhibit doing the same. make a list of everyone you know between all the artists and do an email blast early and another one a few days before. Maybe have a guest speaker for 10 or 15 minutes who can draw people in.  Use postcards and social media to do this.  Post the cards on local restaurants, coffee shops and businesses. Get the word out in your surrounding neighborhoods.  If people don't hear about it, they won't come.  I know sites like vista and zazzle will do cards that can display some of the art work and they aren't that expensive.   Sit down with the other people.  Group shows can help with you all putting your resources together and do a brain storm.  think of how can you promote this event.  Are any of the other artists social media savy?  You might want to consider hiring a college student who has majored in this to help you.  They are eager to please and more cost effective.  If you have a great space than I would go for it but you will need to push and be very poractive about it.  Are there local newspapers in the neigborhood where you can advertise and put in some of the art work?  Go for it Linda.  If there are a few of you involved there's no reason why you can't get a group of people to come.  All the best to you!  Wonderful opportunity for people to see your work.  Len

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