Robert Eustace... Artslant - Online Feature: 'Under the Radar'

Beginning on Friday, July 1st, 2016 and posted almost indefinitely beyond this date, Robert Eustace was featured in an 'Online' Special Profile: 'Under the Radar' along with (2) other Artists - to have their Artworks published on the worldwide Artists website: Artslant... 

The title of this feature: 'Artslant - Under the Radar : Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Maria Agnes Annic, Robert Eustace'  is listed under: 'the News and Buzz section - found midway down the right-side page column.

Please go to the direct link for the easiest access:

* On each successive Friday, (3) additional new Artists are selected for the 'Under the Radar' profile feature. However with the direct link (above) my feature should continue to be available for viewing for some time to come. *

[Artslant  is the largest and most comprehensive Artists Website network in the world - with over 200,000 Member Profile pages].

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