Valentin my dear husband called to me to come down and see what he found tucked in to the side of the mountain. It was a small little church, or shall I say, what was left of it. It had only two walls standing and no roof but there in front of me was a faded holy of holies exposed to Gods abundant air and sky. The holy of holies is the place the Priests retreat into to prepare the Eucharist and special prayers for the people, usually it is protected by a big wall of icons, an iconostasis which separates the congregation from divine space. The public never goes into the sacred divine space behind the iconostasis.

Well the separation was gone and I was over joyed to be standing before not only the remains of a past nearly forgotten but the remains of another artists fine hand. It was a perfect symbol of where icon painting had taken me over the years. At times the icon painting journey with so little interest in this nitch market, in a world with little enthusiasm for Jesus and church has left me feeling faded and forgotten. So I took it upon myself to give this little altar a face life.. oops


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