For most of my walk of following Jesus, I have found myself on a long, winding road between two worlds. The world of The Church, to which I was introduced in my early twenties; and the world of The World, in which I have lived my entire life. I've never felt entirely comfortable in either world...
    "Christian Culture" mystifies me, especially during the last few Presidential election seasons [which last for most of a President's time in office, these days]. Its adherents appear to have much smaller Bibles than the ones on my shelves. In a recent sermon I heard a reference to the Creator's gift of creativity to those who were building the Temple; omitting the following verses that say that everyone who works on the Sabbath will be put to death. The Sunday Brunch rush at Denny's would be much less difficult for the servers and cooks, if Christians accepted both sets of verses with the same devotion.

The famous hymn about the 'waters of Babylon, where we sat down; and wept when we remembered Zion' is followed at the end of the Psalm with the verse about bashing babies' heads against the rocks [I've never heard that verse in a Sunday morning reading]. For decades I've been hearing that some verses are Promises and others are meant symbolically. I've never found the crib notes that explain which verses are which.

The world of the World, for those with intelligence enough to pay attention to things that come out of the mouths of those claiming a special relationship to Jesus, hears these strangeness-es and shakes their collective head in wonder. Often followed by 'no wonder there have been so many religious wars...' Jesus said that they would know us by our love; and the World sees so little of that love on the public forum...

So I gnash my teeth and wonder when He will return... and then I remember this part of the story:

    I really should have made the 'road' image much, much smaller; however, this is only a tiny portion of the Universe--a single galaxy. For those who have seen Louis Giglio's "Indescribable," you will remember that we inhabit a tiny, tiny solar system in a tiny suburb of the Milky Way galaxy. The World shakes their collective head again and says that we are so small, if there was a God, sh/he would never take notice of us. Which is understandable if one does not consider infinity. Nothing is small or large in the concept of infinity. As with time and eternity, the two measurements cannot be understood by human minds. Nothing is too large, or too small for a Creator that created infinity and has all of eternity [without time] for communicating with Creation.

 We are never alone.

If your problems are too big for God to handle,

then your God is too small.

Blessings, Marty

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