Exhibition description 21: Icons

This exhibition is designed to celebrate the history and message of Mary through iconography, highlighting her ancient image with a contemporary brushstroke.

Mary is more than a Modanna and child, she can expand the heart to realize love is central to relationship. These contemporary "icons" in byzantine style are a journey out of time and space. Arranged by theme, the collection opens with my obsession for two years, meticulously working on one kind of Mary at a time. (example , Mary of tenderness) Her one image expanded my perspective on some of the most beloved works in the Orthodox tradition. The closing icons produced in the collection include; Mary of three hands, the Universal Mother and Mary and the Eucharist.

Art History

21: Icons could be an interactive exhibition, asking the viewer where are the limits of how we have seen Mary the Mother of God in the past and where is she today?

The first works I explored in the series where more or less faithful copies of older icons and as I progressed and gave myself more permission the depth of the Mary message matured and morphed into contemporary images. The viewers are welcome and encouraged to share their own interpretations. The Mary Collection documents my original observations and insights while I working on each image.


Egg tempera is an ancient technique for iconography and scared image. The halos are done in iridescent thin sheets of 22 carat German gold leaf, as well as 100% hand tooled Estano (repouse). The painted image is drawn with a stylus, followed by many consecutive layers of earth pigments and egg yolk emulsion.


The exhibition includes 21 unframed pieces and shipped in three wooden crates. There is a charge of $250 for this exhibition which can be applied toward the purchase of art. Each venue is responsible for shipping.

San Miguel Icons website or contact me directly, peace

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