Urgent need of a permanent place for Seven Sevens 49 pieces of the Book of Revelation


As a long time member of  CIVA I  need to ask if anyone knows a place who would want as a donation my art work of Revelation. I had a permanent loan place but suddenly they are asking it to be removed as they are changing their space. I had hoped this was a long term commitment and have not been able to find a place to take it to. It is in Ft. Mill SC in The River Place formerly Jim Bakker's The Barn.  If this is the end of the road and I must remove it and place my art in the dump  so be it. After all these years of doing it and taking it around I am hard pressed and am throwing out my net one more time at the 12th hour so to speak. It has been a good journey with my Lord to do the art yet not so true with the Church. Many have been blessed by it where ever it had a show. Recently I did ask with high  references that the Museum of Biblical Arts in Dallas receive it as a collection and did not get even a no.  I would deliver it and hang it. I hope someone may have an idea or feel it is worthy of salvage. Its a long time project. www.TimelyArtVisions.com to see it.  Please share this need as I must rent a huge truck suspend the art in it to travel the week of Easter. This is the year 5777 and I had so much hope but then got this call to remove is asap. Running out of time. Blessings, Devi Anne Moore 


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Comment by Devi Anne Moore on February 22, 2017 at 12:21pm
Thank you both! I just have no place to take them to after I go get them. I can't pay for storage forever. I thought the hardest part was to do it but sadly I was naive. It does not change that I did it because I believed that was my call from the Lord. But like Seal 5== How long oh Lord How long?
Comment by Philip McMullen on February 19, 2017 at 7:31am

Oh dear, this is so sad, yet not surprising. It is a remarkable project that took courage and skill to complete. I have no space to offer.  Could they be split up? Not ideal, but it has happened before....

Comment by Stephanie Boda on February 18, 2017 at 5:46pm
Please hang in there !! Your pieces are phenomenal and surly God has a plan .I can only imagine your frustration ,but continue to rest in His providence. I don't mean this to sound cliche' honestly . I will pray for you right now that something opens up .

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