First of a series of paintings done in quareenteen. Entitled: "Despite the Storm" Acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas. One morning a few weeks ago when we had late night- early morning thunderstorms, I noticed throughout the intermittent lightning and deep rumbling of clouds I could hear robins and chickedees singing. I thought it was quite odd, didn't these birds know to take cover and hide during a storm? What is wrong with them? I got up, it was about dark outside, and yet the birds were singing clearly as if it were day! Later I find out it isn't uncommon that birds sing during a thunderstorm, I just never realized it before. It dawned on me, if these birds can sing with all their hearts, just being what they were created to do, even while hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning flash, so could I. They know this storm will soon pass. Surely I too can chose to sing despite the storm. May this artwork encourage you!

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