Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

By Mary Jane Miller

Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

Mary Jane Miller from San Miguel Allende has been working on a new collection of contemporary icons calledOn Holy Ground. The work focuses on care for our planet Earth. I began working on the collection at Vaughan Park Retreat Center, Auckland, NZ in September 2019. The entire finished collection will be posted with my lilliputian divine message for Earth. By April, 2020 I expect the collection to be completed.” Christ consciousness is energy outside time and space. Artists around the globe are exploring this relationship, i hope to add to the images created and manifested along that journey. We are creating a growing number of Earth images designed for inquisitive minds.



– Christ sits enthroned flanked by four evangelists who have written about the ‘word’ made flesh in the form of Gospels. Christians like to imagine these teachings as eternally expanding outwards into four realms above; the earth, the moon, the sun and the cosmos. For this to be possible it would mean, Christ consciousness becomes the energetic ‘word’ and not a location.

When we try to define where the cosmic Christ consciousness is, it is impossible to imagine it in any specific location. Our challenge today is to find our place in relationship to those realms. Known or not known, the energy of Christ may be imagined as a vibration floating endlessly within and around us.


– Christ is depicted large in the sky behind a small church at Vaughan Park, Auckland, New Zealand. The icon was created and gifted while on retreat for two months at the center. I felt the presence of a loving God sheltering that place, providing a safe space for me and others who come there to unfold. His presence is common to us all, not necessarily seen or recognized.

Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

Yet, I believe the Christ energy is participating in the ongoing lives of all who visit there. Around the world, we are being seen by something greater than ourselves. One challenge for our day is to actually see how we posses and exchange energy. We live and move and have our being while witnessed by Christ consciousness whose influencing energy is outside time and space.


– The third in the series renders how time passes as the earth turns. Light is crucial to our planets existence as we know it. Human energy does effect the Earth. The human experience requires a certain responsibility if we think we are at the center of anything, imagining our witness and activities are important.

Humanity seems to believe we are the light that gives light to the world. The twenty six spokes radiating out from the center towards the four corners. ‘You, Me, I and We’ are pronouns set as corner markers for each of us declaring our place in time and identity. A circle or band intersects the whole image to emphasize the continuous change as each day begins.


– The face of Christ floats over what looks like a solar system; some divine energy has acted throughout time in concentric circles which hold orbiting planets. As rings expand in a pool of water so moves the orbiting celestial bodies. Shooting stars, moons, black holes and a comet remind us of chaos amid what could be seen as perfect order. The image includes the twelve astrological symbols. Astrology is recognized as a spiritual system for marking time in the cosmos. Theirs is a relationship of beautiful math, numbers and logic ordering the galaxies and universes.

Christ Consciousness is Energy Outside Time and Space

Some human beings believe Christ has a special identity in this solar system, on this planet. Others believe that Christ consciousness is energy outside time and space which possibly dictates and validates our place in it. Either way, I like the idea that there is an energetic intelligence manifesting the universe.

Past Work

Mary Jane Miller in San Miguel Allende had created The Dialogue Project in 2010,  in response to war and violence; particularly because of the US invasion of Iraq in 2008. Now she is dedicating her art and focus to climate change, cosmic energy, and prayer for our future. Climate change is a real issue in many of our hearts and minds. She urges everyone to yield, step back from our past behaviors, reflect and move towards a new, more responsibly conscious lifestyle on this planet Earth. Let us expand into the Divine message, and the possibility where Christ consciousness is energy outside time and space.

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