Expressing the condition of one's inner most being is for me the artist's highest goal and driving force. In a world full of misery, chaos and ugliness, even in the art world, my art takes me to places of passionate spiritual energy, worship and ecstasy.  

Monumental scales, vibrant colors, dazzling compositions, energy packed lines, marks and textures, soulful rhythms and prayerful communion for me combines to express my sacred inner world.  

A world of the spirit where God dwells within me. A place in the heart where life throbs and pulsates as the Living presence of the very Spirit of God inhabits my temple, manifesting through me in my art.  

'I Am Alive' is a testament to my faith, a monument to my redeemed inner life, an outer expression of divine love and passion from deep within my very self.

Please enjoy all 26 feet of " I am Alive'. Thank you!

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Comment by Samantha Estrada on June 3, 2015 at 9:52am


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