Inner world experiences are powerfully expressed through art.  My inner world experiences are expressed through my abstract expressionist paintings.  Using my advanced brushless ‘drip & splash’ technique, I can accomplish deeply satisfying levels of expression and abstraction.  The vigorous application of paint, allows me to be fully immersed in my paintings as I work.  Working flat on the floor allows tremendous layering to take place along with highly defined textures as I can work wet on wet without destroying the integrity of the lines, shapes and marks. 


Abstract expressionism really suits my personality.  The vigor and energy required to paint as an action painter makes my work both exciting, fun and satisfying.  There are elements of being both a child and a mystic to working in the way that I do.  My new 6000 square foot (500sq mt) studio, allows me to work on monumental pieces of art.  So, the scale of my abstract and impressionist paintings continues to evolve as I stretch my inner world by painting gargantuan paintings.


Abstract impressionism and post impressionism describes my outer world paintings.  Being moved by the natural world around me, and the diverse and intense arrangements found there in, I am constantly painting inside my inner studio in my head.  ‘Upstairs’ where I file away the ever increasing compositions and images that I compose, is where all of my work stems from. 


My abstract work, most of the time is an emotion/spiritual expression that many times springs from a color or an interesting line. And from there it is an adventure.  It is a journey of discovery as I try to follow the impulses from within that are guiding my every action.  These impulses, which bypass the mind issue forth from the depth of my soul.  Heeding them and being true to that inner leading allows me to be free and to transcend the voices, opinions and expectations from the world outside.


 I am free, I am alive, I am inspired, I am Artist!

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