Rich in Spirit: Self-Discovery through Creative Expression in Worship and Prayer

Rich in Spirt:

Self-Discovery through Creative Expression in Worship and Prayer.

I have just published a book with the above title. It is a visual journal of sorts. It is to be used for inspiration, to create freely and to explore creativity as a means for self-discovery, exploration of the world around us and the world that is unseen. It’s not a remarkable work of writing, but it is from the heart. I share suffering and joys and use the bible to help me work through difficult situations.

I am the only one in my extended family who explores Christianity. In fact, most in my family not only dislike the idea of religion, they deem it as idiocy. A spiritual exploration, is different than organized religion. All organized religion have led the masses, at times, down wrong paths. Often the very opposite of what their Holy Book teaches. And, often against what modern science has proven differently.

This book is about personal relationship with self, higher self and the Creator of self. Or in traditional terms; the beloved, the lover and the love that flows between (Father, son and Holy Spirit). This book is about opening up the mind and the spirit to the possibilities of something greater. It is a collection of my exploration of this concept, for over 25 years. I explore in writing,  in painting and illustration.

I hope it will inspire you to explore, yourself.

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